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Ball possession with passback to the goalkeeper

Ball possession with passback to the goalkeeper

  • 8 markers
  • sufficient balls to maintain continuity
  • Playing area: 30x20 meters
  • Players: 8 + 2 goalkeepers
  • Duration: 20 minutes
Summary Secondary Objectives
An exercise about possession with the objective of passing to goalkeeper, who defends their area learning to participate actively in the game with teammates
Coordination skills, Pass, Ball possession

Create a 30x20 meters field using the markers. Create with the markers 2 side zones (one for each side) of about 5 meters for the goalkeepers. Playe 4 vs 4 in the field with goalkeepers defending the goals.

  • The aim of the game is to make 6 consecutive passes including atleast 2 passes to the goalkeeper.


  • The passes to goalkeepers are excluded from the 6 passes, therefore a minimum of 8 passes before you can try to score.
  • The goalkeeper inside his zone can't be pressed or disturbed, he's free to start the action
  1. After the sixth pass, the team gets one point if the goalkeeper makes a long pass and the ball lands in the opponent goalkeeper's zone without touching the ground. 
  2. The goalkeeper can be pressed but the passes to goalkeepers are included in the 6 passes to get the point
  3. After 4 consecutive passes excluding one to goalkeeper (obligatory), the teams have to shoot at the opponents goal. Only one player can enter the goalkeeper zone to shoot at goal or play 1 vs 1 with the goalkeeper
Coaching Points
  • Involve players and goalkeepers together to train the whole team, with short rests
  • The goalkeepers have to perform the exercise with intensity to be trained also physically
  • Priority to goalkeeper 

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