Education - Cramps are quite frequent on soccer fields and affect both professional and amateur players: why do they occur and how can you deal with them?
Education - This brief text describes the striated skeletal muscle, i.e., the muscle that permits movement!
Education - How contusions develop in the following days and which are the best remedies to take care of them?Some advices of the physiotherapist
Education - These accidents are milder than sprains and strains but they are also more frequent: what to do in such cases?
Education - There are several reasons for groin pain. In athletes, the rectus-adductor syndrome is of most significant relevance
Education - What is the pubic inguinal pain syndrome and how can it be cured? The physiotherapist’s advice
Education - What is groin pain and why is it often difficult to identify and treat? Some useful hints from our physiotherapist
Education - What should you do in case of ankle sprain? The physiotherapist’s advice