With what objectives do I want to set up this sport season? How can I arrange them during the year? Which path do I create for my team?
These are some of the questions a coach will ask during the season. In other words: planning
With YouCoach you can: Football and Digital
As a soccer coach, do you think it's better to rely on pen and paper for your work or to work with web applications and digital data?
Do you make backup copies of your work or do you trust your old paper notebook?
YouCoachApp, the app for soccer coaches

Buying the web app is quite simple and fast, choose the plan that adapts the most to your needs, choose the payment method between PayPal, credit card or bank transfer and start using YouCoachApp.

YouCoachApp is the app for soccer coaches that allows you to manage the sport season and training cycles in a simple and professional way. You can plan the season's objectives, adapting them to the category that you are currently coaching and to the skills of your players. The final structure will compose the working plan of the coach, determining a working calendar based con the commitments of the season.

Apart from planning the season, YouCoachApp allows you to organise and control the training session. Scheduling the session allows you to reduce downtimes and train in a more effective way.

"A good coach is the one who helps a player develop their full potential, or even discover it when still no one has done it."

Marcelo Bielsa
A very versatile and useful figure in a technical staff is the technical advisor/collaborator; doing activities such as assisting the coach on the pitch or organizational management may be required for this role (in order to support team players and sta
For all the coaches that are planning a sports season, let us recall some simple but important steps to follow in order to set up a new season on YouCoachApp.
Paper. A lot of paper. Paper of all kinds. 
If you are a tidy person, everything is kept in a binder at home. 
If you're in a rush, even printer paper is perfect for your quick notes; the real problem will be not losing it.
“What time is it? It's late... I need to quickly set up a training session. I had no time today! I'll take some notes on this piece of paper, I hope I don't lose it.