With YouCoach you can: Football and Digital
Is sometimes easier for you to explain what a diagonal is than to say what digital transformation means?
Do you work well with web applications or are you one of those who still prefer paper and pen?
Do you make backup copies or do you trust more of your notebook?

Buying the web app is quite simple and fast, choose the plan that adapts the most to your needs, choose the payment method between PayPal, credit card or bank transfer and start using YouCoachApp.

MyCoach allows you to manage the season and the training cycles in a simple but yet professional manner. This control of the reality allows you to plan as you wish the objectives of the season, adapting them to the category that you are currently coaching and to the skills of the players with whom you are going to be working along the season. The final structure will compose the working plan of the coach, determining a working calendar based con the commitments of the season.

Apart from planning the season, MyCoach allows you to organize and control the training session. Scheduling the session allows you to reduce downtimes and train in a more effective way.

With YouCoachApp you have available a series of didactic progressions, exercises with a common objective (For example: A technical skill, applied technique or tactical objectives) or a specific operational mean, to be able to create your sessions.
By combining the progressions by objective you can create training courses, or in other words, sequences of exercises with the same objective that include a didactic path with a gradual increase in the difficulty.

Buying an e-Book in YouCoach.it is simple an fast, follow the quick guide to enlarge your library of ideas and exercises proposed by our coaches and trainers:

1 - Select the tab eBook in the homepage menu of YouCoach.us or YouCoach.it/en