Cut - Preparatory drill for the seek of depth through the cut of the striker
Depth - Preparatory drill for the seek of depth through striker's cuts
Cut - Preparatory drill 3 versus 2 - for the seek of depth through the cut of a wide player
Match Analysis - Thanks to the video analysis we review how Germany uses the goalkeeper not just for saves but also to create an overload during the construction phase
Match Analysis - Let’s review the video analysis of Messi’s goal versus Rayo Vellecano: quick attack and geometry
Match Analysis - Comparison of the play behaviours of Juventus and Bayern: Juventus attacking depth and defending width, and german players attacking width and defending depth
Match Analysis - Let’s view the Match Analysis of Banega’s goal scored on Sevilla’s possession triangles.
Match Analysis - A tactical analysis of Hellas Verona – Inter match focusing on Inter’s horizontal play
Match Analysis - Let’s see again ,tanks to the video analysis, Messi’s goal against Roma in Champion’s League, examining Barcelona’s tactical game, which inflicted a heavy defeat to Garcia’s team.
Match Analysis - We review the duel of Suarez: physical power in protecting the ball, very high level technique and great expertise in playing 1 vs 1