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Introduction to soccer

Cover - Introduction to soccer
Introduction to soccer
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Soccer. From the basics.

The coach needs to be aware of the different dimensions that characterize the players and the game: physical factors, technique, psychological and environmental factors, and the players' tactics, concerning the "growth paths" suited for chronological and biological ages. Strong knowledge of all these areas helps the coach build a relevant work program and develop the correct methodology. So, what are the player's technical gestures, and how can you train them effectively? Which decision-making processes can you teach your players? What are the main solutions that players can choose to resolve game situations?

This is the mission of this e-Book: to develop a strong basic knowledge of soccer, starting from the roots of this sport.

Immagine interna - Introduction to soccer
Here's how the e-Book is structured:
  1. Player’s technical gestures in  individual tactical situations.
  2. The tactical decision-making process of a player.
  3. 2 v 2 duel: the simplest complete tactical situation
  4. Fundamentals of the offensive and defensive developments in the game
  5. Attacking fundamentals and developments
  6. Defensive fundamentals and developments
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