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Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid

Cover - Carlo Ancelotti's Real Madrid
Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid
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Study the structure of play exhibited by Ancelotti's team, supported by practical drills

Carlo Ancelotti, a revered figure in soccer coaching, is celebrated for his tactical prowess, managerial expertise, and remarkable achievements across multiple elite football clubs. Over his illustrious career, Ancelotti has commanded the sidelines of some of the globe's most prestigious teams, including AC Milan, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich, and Everton, among others.

Returning to helm Real Madrid for the second time in 2021, Ancelotti's tactical evolution over the years prompts intriguing questions: how has his approach changed, and what defines his recent seasons? During his initial tenure from 2013 to 2015, Ancelotti managed star-studded squads featuring luminaries like Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale, blending individual brilliance within a cohesive team framework. He had to manage players who did not need tactical tasks or to learn how to play on the field, and he moved on to managing relations between him and the squad and between him and each of those “stars”, letting them play with a general idea about how to shape the team on the field. His idea was to mix them in the best way possible to make the team function; his first stint at Real Madrid often employed a 1-4-2-3-1 formation and the team's adaptability and fluidity underscored its success in competitions such as La Copa del Rey and the UEFA Champions League.

In his current tenure since 2021, Ancelotti's tactical ingenuity has evolved further, favoring formations like 2-1-1-3-3 that emphasize positional interchange and overload in specific areas of the pitch. This fluid approach reflects Ancelotti's commitment to innovation and adaptability, seeking to optimize team performance in today's dynamic football landscape. In our e-Book, we delve deep into the distinctive patterns of play observed in Carlo Ancelotti's Real Madrid, exploring the intricate connections and relationships among players on the field.

From analyzing the diamond midfield defensive phase to identifying tactical deficiencies in the defensive phase, we provide keen insights, with a particular focus on Jude Bellingham's role as an advanced point of reference in possession and attacking phases. Additionally, the e-Book features 10 practical exercises designed to help coaches translate these tactical concepts into effective training sessions, empowering them to enhance their team's performance on match day.

Immagine interna - Carlo Ancelotti's Real Madrid
Here's how the e-Book is structured:
  1. The revival of the diamond midfield. possession and attacking phases
  2. The revival of the diamond midfield defensive phase
  3. Defensive phase tactical deficiencies
  4. The inclusion of Bellingham. a statistical and situational analysis of the english attacking midfielder of Ancelotti’s Real Madrid
  5. Is Bellingham replacing Benzema at Real Madrid?
  6. 10 exercises to enhance the 1-4-3-1-2 and the diamond midfield
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