Soccer Tactics

Finishing in the final third - Train in depth attack to finish on goal during a 3 vs 2 situation
Transition - Drill to train ball possession during power play and to encourage positive transitions
Attacking Principles - Tactical drill to improve the team's movements during 4-4-2 attacking phase
Depth - 5 v 5 conditioned game with the support of two neutral players inside a central zone and two finishing zones on the sides
Press - Train players to defend outnumbered in order to improve pressure
Playing out from the back - Small-sided Game to train how to lose a marker to build-up quickly from a defensive phase
3v1 - Simplified situation that is functional to train defenders' ball possession
Possession - This drill was introduced by Johan Cruiff to train first teams
Creating space - 4 v 4 ball possession with quick transmission and losing the marker to encourage central penetrating pass
4v2 - 4 v 2 power play situation inside two zones to create supporting insertions to shoot at goal