Education - Kids are often labeled as energetic, rowdy, distracted when in reality the problem could be the way we communicate and manage practices
Education - Communication between the coach and the team is not a spontaneous process, it requires the right approach and constant effort
Education - Motivation in soccer is the psychological element that everyone is convinced of mastering, but when misused, it could have a negative impact on players.
Education - Benefit from player's subjective perception of the outcome's cause
Education - In this article we will examine factors that impact the attention skill
Education - Effective communication allows us to work better and to get in touch with our players
Education - Internal dialogue can promote the right mental attitude to support performance
Education - In this article we'll talk about Nideffer's attentional style model and the importance of training young players to switch from one style to the other according to the circumstances
Education - Communicating and listening to each player encourages the creation of a relationship between the athlete and the coach that is based on respect and cooperation, which is fundamental in every sport
Education - This article introduces the concept of attention span and illustrates its main characteristics