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8 vs 4: width and transitions

8 vs 4: width and transitions

  • 4 cones
  • 8 markers
  • 8 vests
  • balls
  • Playing area: 45x55 yards
  • Players: 12
  • Duration: 21 minutes
  • Number of series: 3 of 5 minutes each, with 2 minutes of passive recovery between series
Summary Secondary Objectives
Ball possession 8 vs 4 in a zone-split rectangle, working on transitions and looking for width
Intercepting, Creating width and depth, Transitions

Arrange, with markers, a ractangle of 45 x 55 yards. Inside the rectangle, create 5 areas: Externally 2 zones of 2,5 yards each (blue in our illustration), 3 central areas of which the external ones (yellow) of 12 yards and the central one (green) of 10 yards. Inside the yellow and the green areas put 4 players (for area).

  • The 8 players inside the external areas (the whites and the reds) shall keep ball possession, making the ball get through the central area without being intercepted by the greens
  • The 4 players in the middle shall regain ball possession


Ball possession by whites and reds, with the ball getting through the central area


One green player intercepts the ball and his team mates enter whites' area to make a try, meanwhile two greens move to occupy the external zone

  • Players inside external areas can not get out of their areas
  • A player in the central area can get into external areas to put pressure on opponents
  • If the 4 players inside the central area gain ball possession, they shall try and carry the ballinside the blu areas
  • Two players inside the central area, as their team conquers the ball, can move to esternal areas of the rectangle, where they can not be tackled
  • Players who lost the ball shall try and regain it, to restart their possession
  • Players moving outside externally can make a try only as they gat back inside the rectangle
  • Ground ball is compulsory
Coaching Points
  • Team in ball possession must play wide and occupy the whole space available
  • Defending team must try and reduce the space to opponents as soon as possible
  • Defenders must cover oneanother
  • Attacking team must focus to create the right spaces to make ball-receiving possible
  • Attackers must pay attention to speed and accuracy passing the ball
  • Players in the central area must occupy their area with accuracy, leaving one player to intercept the pass towards the opposite zone

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