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Soccer drill: Basic motor skills - Reaction time

Soccer drill: Basic motor skills - Reaction time

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Basic motor skills - Reaction time

Goal: 1v1, Passing, 1v1 attacking, Tackling, Speed, Awareness, Basic motor skills, Perception, Decision - determination, Competitiveness, Self control, Respect, Turn upside down, Run, Learning, Visual perception, Speed, Acoustic, Optical, Cognitive, Striking the ball, Feints and tricks, Tackling, 1 versus 1, Respect for the rules, Management of emotions, Competitiveness

Coaching points:

  • Have players perform the flip or roll on the mats as correctly as possible (basic motor patterns)
  • Stimulate children's mental processing and reaction skills with different stimuli (visual and auditory)
  • Encourage competitiveness through the playful aspects
  • Once they learn the sequence, increase the intensity and speed of execution
  • Stimulate fantasy and dribbling with feints and changes of direction in the 1 v 1 duel

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