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Different Headers: Shoot, Pass And Clear

Different Headers: Shoot, Pass And Clear

  • 18 markers
  • 6 low hurdles
  • 6 poles
  • sufficient balls to ensure continuity
  • Playing Area: 40x8 metres
  • Players: 12
  • Running time: 10 minutes
  • Series number: 4 series of 1 minutes and 30 seconds (1 minute passive recovery)
Summary Secondary Objectives
An exercise to train heading in many situations

Use the markers placing them in a straight line, as shown in the figure. Place three markers that make up the row respectively at 2 and 4 meters distance between them; the second marker is 2 metres from the first, while the third is 4 meters away from the second. Between the first and second markers place a low hurdle. Place the poles laterally to the hurdle, at about 1 and a half meters away. Arrange the players in pairs and arrange a couple for a row. Players on the third marker go with the ball in hand. At each series the roles are reversed.

  • Each time the coach calls out a different type of header
  • Coach calls out Shoot: the player whoreceives the ball to head, runs around the pole (simulating to lose his marker) and heads with strength to score the goal
  • Coach calls Pass: the player who receives the ball to head jumps the hurdle and heads the ball to the feet of the server
  • Coach calls Clear: the player who receives the ball to head, jumps the hurdle and heads "to clear" looking to head over the server in front of him
  • Player B makes a pass with their hands to A, more or less near to the second marker
  • A approaches B (jumps the hurdle or runs around the pole) hits the ball with the head according to the way chosen by the coach
  • Player B picks up the ball in their hands while A returns to start running backwards
  • For each series the roles are reversed


  1. Increase the distance between the markers
  2. The player who throws the ball with the hands must receive the header with the feet
Coaching Points
  • Pay attention to technique of heading
  • The exercise should be carried out properly with good coordination and speed
  • Players throwing the ball with the hands must be careful to give good service to the header
  • The exercise trains heading in various situations: offensive, defensive and pasings using the head

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