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Back up dribble, lateral attack and "back" shot

Back up dribble, lateral attack and "back" shot

  • 5 markers
  • 1 stake
  • 1 goal
  • Sufficient balls for continuity
  • Playing Area: 20x30 metres
  • Players: 10 + 2 goalkeepers
  • Running time: 15 minutes
  • Series number: 4 series of shots per player
Summary Secondary Objectives
Take advantage of the opening of the game to laterally attack the penalty area
Pass, Finishing

The area in which the exercise takes place coincides with the area adjacent to the penalty area. Place a stake at about 5 metres from the penalty area, in the middle Place a small cone to about 10 meters far from the stake, in the middle (starting striker position). Place 2 markers on each side of the stake, forming a target of about 3 meters, diagonally, through which must pass the assist for the striker (as shown in the figure). Players start at the small cone, with the ball. A player (B) stops at the stake, behind the goal. Goalkeepers defend the goals.

  1. Player A with the ball, makes a pass toward the mate near the strike
  2. Player B receives the ball and makes a back up dribble, bypassing the obstacle and turning towards the striker
  3. Player A runs laterally over the target to receive the ball
  4. Player B returns the ball, with a pass through the markers line
  5. Player A receives the ball, comes back towards the middle of the area and tries to conclude the action with a "back" shot to the goal, on the strike away
  • At the end of the action player B takes place in row while B remains at the strike
  • Performing an action on the right and then on the left
  • Every 2 actions change the player at the stake (making a pass on the right and one on the left)


  1. Increase or decrease the dimensions of the small goals
  2. The player at the stake follows the action to respond to a possible shot or to receive the mate's cross
Coaching Points
  • Accuracy in passes by the player who performs the lateral assist
  • The striker runs at full speed
  • Make players kick with both feet
  • There must be trained no more than 10 players at a time to avoid long recovery times

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