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1-3-5-2 V 1-4-3-3

1352 vs 1433 Inter Manchester City
1-3-5-2 V 1-4-3-3
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A new way to interpret tactical clashes

This e-Book was inspired by the last June 2023 Champions League final, as it wasn’t a match between two different styled teams (Manchester City and Internazionale Milan), but it was a tactical clash between two opposite soccer philosophies and systems of play.

At the same time, the tactical analysis of this text aims to be a new way to interpret tactical clashes, taking into consideration the situational and fluid soccer factors which underlies the modern game. Starting from the classic analysis of a tactical clash (1-3-5-2 v 1-4-3-3), the e-Book goes over this view of the soccer systems of play to analyze the effective organizations of the tactical clashes on and off the ball.

Beside tactical analysis, this work aims to prove that in modern soccer the specific choices of players, based on their tasks on the field, usually come first than systems of play.

The e-Book contains five useful exercises for coaches to transfer the tactical concepts identified in the analysis into the training sessions.

352 433 Inter Manchester City
Here's how the e-Book is structured:
  1. Situational and fluid football
  2. A classic analysis of a tactical clash (1-3-5-2 v 1-4-3-3)
  3. Tactical clashes analysis in modern soccer: Off the ball
  4. Examples "Off the ball"
  5. Tactical clashes analysis in modern soccer: On the ball and possession examples
  6. 5 useful exercises!
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