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Small-Sided games

Small-Sided games
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Coaching soccer through Small-Sided Games

This book is a "must have" for any coach, check out these three main features:
  • It has 48 small-sided games with progressions and variations, there is enough material here that will last you multiple seasons
  • It covers all the topics you need like possession, shooting, defending, transitions and much more
  • All the small-sided games are from the top italian teams and coaches


Here is just a small sample of what is covered in this e-book 

  • Zonal defending Small-Sided game 
  • Fast verticalization
  • Learning to play quickly to goal
  • Defensive cover and balance
  • Ball possession
  • How to transition quickly to defense when losing possession
  • How to transition quickly into attack when gaining possession
  • Counter-attacking movements
  • High pressure defense

What is an e-Book?
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